Making videos for Burnout 2 Crash Mode

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Making videos for Burnout 2 Crash Mode

Post  sparker599 on Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:32 pm

If you get any of these things in crash mode, please make a video of them, it does not have to be a PR (personal record) or WR (world record) to be worthy of having a video.  The ones in red are especially important to record because they are extremely rare.  Aftertime glitches can also deserve videos, as long as they fit anything described here; they are ones that do not raise the damage because they happen after the helicopter mode happens.

General notes:
Record enough replays.  I would recommend at least 7 or 8 replays for things highlighted in red, or more if it takes that long to get a camera angle that shows the action.
If you are using a smartphone or video camera instead of a capture card to record, don't shake it while recording, that will make the video blurry.  Hold it with both hands to keep it steady or, better yet, set it up on tripod or table in front of the TV or monitor.

Camera glitches and live videos:
When playing the zone 9 wall strat, or any strat on zone 8, please make "live" videos in case of camera glitches.   A camera glitch is which is when the only view the game gives you during a replay is that of your own car and does not show the glitch.  "Live" means that the video is made as the crash happens, as opposed to just waiting until you get a good score and then making a video of the replays.  See this for a good example of a live video:  Compare that with, where the action cannot be seen at all because of the camera glitch.  Camera glitches don't happen every time, but when they do, live videos provide a much better view of the action, so they are a lot more enjoyable to watch.  Also, I have a playlist dedicated to the highest scores recorded live:

For any zone:
-personal records, Best videos and world records  World records can be found in the rankings overview:, or a shorter version in the world record statistics text file:
-Top 10 videos or damages
top 10 videos for each zone:
best damages on video:
-best multi
-best nonglitch video
-triple buspinners, or 4 or 5 or more buspinners
-best live vids
-crazy and funny glithces, like, or
-ways to get through red X's or green arrows on any zone other than 2, or to get throught the red wall on any zone(the wall that stops you from driving backwards on a course)
-new strats that could give good scores

Individual zones:
zone 1:
-any truck flying into the buses like

zone 2 sink glitch strat:
-x13 multi
-8 million or 10 million damage with a JX(Jackknife explosion) instead of a sink glitch
-190 or 200 million damage

zone 3:
-25 million or 30 million damage
-22 or 23 multi
-scores over 500 or 600 million

zone 4 sink glitch strat:
-madmax-style sink glitches (madmax style means that the truck keeps grinding for as long as you can see - until the screen goes black at the end of the replay)
-12 multi

zone 4:
-any JX with 6 million or 7 million damage
-double buspinner

zone 5:
-28 multi

zone 6:
-17 or 18 multi with either of the parking strats

zone 7:
-2 buspinners

zone 8:
-any buspinner

zone 9 wall strat:
-catching extra cars - not the usual 2 that bring your multi up to x11, I mean cars that are even harder to catch, like, or the cars seen in
-27 or 32 million damage

zone 9 old strat:
-x30 multi
-double buspinners

zone 10:
-any buspinner

zone 12:
-truck flying or sliding into the buses
-any bupsinner

zone 13:
-any buspinners

zone 14:
-x13 multi

zone 18:
-2 or more buspinners

zone 26:
-x20 multi or more than x20 multi

zone 28:
-sink glitches (yes, they are possible here: )

zone 29:
-double buspinner

zone 30:
-4 buses at the invisible wall (it is normal to get 2 buses, but very rare to get 4 buses) like here:

If you want something added to this list, just post here.


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